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Are you looking for a reliable

Cleaning Service Company in Vienna (Wien)


Yes? Than you are in the best place!

We provide professional cleaning service for our customers:

Regular apartment (flat) or house cleaning

  We offer two options: one time or systematic (recurrent) cleaning. This is our smallest package. Depending on the size of the property, this cleaning only takes a few hours.

Deep cleaning

  An average home need two time deep cleaning in a year. Our deep cleaning package is including all surfaces cleaning in every room, bathrooms and kitchen, we clean behind the furnitures as well. Of course your windows and every glass and mirrors will shine like a diamond after the deep cleaning. You can add extra tasks to the deep cleaning package, for example inside the cupboards cleaning, oven and fridge cleaning, carpet cleaning, curtain cleaning, etc.

Office cleaning

  The Reinigungs Kommando adds the perfect cleanliness to your company's image! We provide many option to every office to get to clean workplace! Recurrent or one time cleaning, regular or deep cleaning, windows or carpet cleaning, etc. We give the best offer in terms of maximum purity!

After repair or after construction cleaning

  If your brand new property is almost ready but the only things what prevents to moving in that there are dust and paint everywhere, then we will come to you to clean every surfaces with the best qualities tools and supplies and qualified workers. And the result is that you will get your home perfectly clean and shine!

Disinfectant cleaning

  We suggest three steps for the best result of the disinfectant cleaning. First we need to clean every surfaces because we need to remove all stain from everywhere before we begin to desinfection cleaining. Second we treat the main surfaces with sanytol or domestos and while the last step we disinfect the place with ozon (o3) or cold fog generator.

Carpet cleaning and sofa cleaning

  We provide to our client professional carpet cleaning and furniture's textil cleaning. If you want we can do the carpet cleaning at your home or you can chose that we take to our headquarter and bring back after the cleaning.

If you want to order a cleaning or just you have some question about our services, please write us an e-mail or call us!


E-mail address:

Phone number: +43 690 10021841

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